WBS Lorenzo

WBS Lorenzo

2011 Andiamo x Concorde, 16.2, shown 1.20m


Powerful and scopey, Lorenzo is perfect for an ambitious professional, amateur or junior looking to develop a horse with the big jumpers in mind, on a budget. He has a big step and incredible power from the hind leg, combined with huge scope makes him a true candidate for the upper levels. 


He is lovely to handle in the barn, easy and kind with the vet, farrier, transport, grooming, tacking up and at the shows. He is brave to the fences and happy to leave from every and all distances. He is also brave enough that if his rider makes a distance fault, he will not hold a grudge. He is a fighter in the ring and wants to bring you to the finish no matter what.


✔Full clinical and radiographs available
✔Show video available
✔Transport to 🇺🇲 America weekly and possible worldwide 🌎.


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