Finding the best, for you. Years of experience finding quality horses sourced specifically for the North American markets.

  • Over 100 horses sold yearly

  • 50 horses available, jumping at all levels

  • Eight 1.45m-1.60m horses currently in the barn

  • 24 horses produced and sold by us competing Grand Prix 

  • 2 horses produced and sold by us competing in the World Cups

  • 6 horses produced and qualified for the World Championship for Young Horses

  • Endless hunter and equitation championships won by our sale graduates

  • 0 problems we haven't found a solution t0 for our clients

What we do...

WB Stable has long been a trusted source for the best quality horses the international market has to offer, at all price points. Relationships built over the years with knowledgeable breeders and horsemen allows us to rest easy knowing the horses are well prepared to bring continued success to their new owners. Our team at home; our farriers, veterinarians, riders, grooms, drivers and stable managers, make sure we know every horse inside and out. Every week, we are present at shows to further develop our horses and find new and exciting prospects.

We enjoy working with trainers, professionals, amateurs and juniors alike, and partner with you to find the exact talent you are looking for. From start to finish, we are always happy to help, advise or support in whatever way we can.

The Buying Process

Buying a horse is a big investment, we know this firsthand because (unlike most suppliers) we own the majority of the horses ourselves. This means that we have so much trust in the horses quality, character and soundness that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. Why would we expect you to invest the money, if we wouldn't do it ourselves?

We work directly with you and your trainer to find out all the little details that make partnerships successful. These details range from basic (age, height, gender, colour, show experience) to the finer points (blood, character, scope, temperament, living situation, training).

Options gives us the opportunity to compare and make sure we are getting exactly what you need. With over 50 sale horses, we are always able to provide several worthwhile options, all under the same roof. When coming to try the horses, we always suggest that you give yourself a few days to get to know the horses. Getting on new horses in a new place is difficult, even for the most seasoned riders and its not always love at first ride! For our clients purchasing off of video, we are happy to take any and all requests (Literally! We’ve had some interesting requests and love a challenge!).

The majority of the horses are already vetted, which includes full radiographs and clinical report. We will email you the horses complete vetting for you veterinarian to review and approve. Once the existing radiographs are approved and any other requests your veterinarian might have had are taken care of, we will video a current full limb flexion test with baseline walk and trot as well as lunging both directions on hard ground.

Next comes the most intimidating part for new owners - the flight! We work with many fantastic companies to get you the best possible price and service for transport. Blood is taken at our stable and sent to the laboratory for testing. This process takes about 5 working days for geldings and 10 working days for mares. The time frame is longer for mares as they are required to do an additional CEM test. During the time the blood is at the lab, the flights can be scheduled. To this day, we have never had a problem with the blood for any horse going to America.

Once the blood is back, transport to the airport is arranged, health paperwork is done and they are on their way with suitable clothes depending on where they are flying to. There are grooms with the horses during their time at the airports and on the flight to make sure they stay relaxed and comfortable. Each horse handles the transition a little differently - sometimes they get off the plane looking like they ate the whole flight and sometimes they worry a little more and lose some stress weight! Once they are unloaded, each horse must go directly to USDA quarantine where they have blood work done again. During this time the horses are under constant observation, temperatures recorded and a veterinarian routinely checks on them. After 3 days all the horses will be released; at this point geldings may go to their new homes but mare need to complete an additional 14 day CEM quarantine at a separate facility. We are able and willing to handle absolutely everything for you from door to door to make the buying experience as relaxed and fun as possible.

And now?

Don’t think that just because you have your horse home, means that you are rid of us! We are just a phone call away for any questions or concerns. It is a big transition for you both and the more information and support you have, the more seamless it will be. Prior to your horses arrival, you will receive an email with every detail you could possibly want to know and if we forget something, just ask!

We want to know how everything is going in one month, one year, 5 years and we want to know the amazing, the good, the bad and the ugly. They are horses and sometimes it doesn't go exactly as we planned but we are always there to help find a solution.

So get in touch and let us know exactly what you are looking for. We’ll do the rest.

Finding the best, for you.